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Rainbow Paradise Cocktail

A fabulous rainbow cocktail with a tropical twist!
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Tropical
Servings: 1 cocktail


  • 40 milliliter grenadine (1 part / 1.35 oz)
  • ice crushed or cubes
  • 160 milliliter pineapple juice (4 parts / 5.4 oz)
  • 80 milliliter malibu coconut rum (2 parts / 2.7 oz)
  • 40 milliliter water (1 part / 1.35 oz)
  • 20 milliliter blue curacao (½ part / 0.7 oz)


  • Pour grenadine syrup into a 400 ml / 16 ounce hurricane glass.
    We use a jigger of 20/40 ml, but you can also use a shot glass or other size jigger and stick to the parts of the ingredients.
  • Fill the entire glass with ice.
  • Mix pineapple juice with Malibu in another cup. Pour this mixture into the glass with the grenadine syrup (stir to make the layers better and to create an orange layer).
  • Mix water with blue curaçao and pour gently (with a spoon) over the yellow layer and you will see that it flows nicely and creates a green layer!
  • Serve with a lemon slice or orange twist. Cheers!


You can also make this cocktail with orange juice and vodka!
Then the pouring order is:
  1. Grenadine syrup (40 ml / 1 part) + ice
  2. Orange juice (200 ml / 5 parts)
  3. Blue curacao (20 ml / ½ part) + vodka (80 ml / 2 parts) (careful!)
So you do NOT use water and do NOT mix the orange juice, otherwise it will not work and the blue layer will sink.